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Spent most of the day on rainy highways on research for a video project…

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Look 106

Great fall look


R13 Moto Jeans Styling 5

r13 jeans//givenchy shirt//saint laurent beltboots//forme d’expression scarf

my obsession with plaid is beyond anyway to explain whatsoever. i cannot say how much i love the print, especially when it is in the perfect color combination (not a fan of purple). then mix in riccardo tisci’s brilliant mind, i cannot be more in gleer about it. no collar, brown, red and patchworked. the perfect accompaniment to my favorite motorcycle jeans and a lightweight oversized scarf right now.

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Love the moccasin sneaker.. such a hot look this year.

Stacksandkicks Lifestyle


The moccasin sneaker has been a cornerstone in the realm of combining fashion and functionality since day one and come to represent one of visvim’s most cherished models. Along the way there have been subtle variations and improvements on the model, but the FBT LHAMO-FOLK has arguably been one of the most popular changes. Providing a thinner and more flexible sole, the FBT LHAMO was also one of the first products to fall under visvim’s FOLK designation. Products earning this title came to represent a higher order of visvim products through both production and execution. A new series of FBT LHAMO-FOLKs release for this season that carry on much of the legacy of the original through new colors starting Saturday, November 9.

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Nailed my Job Interview!

I just came back from a really positive job interview, and Im pretty sure I nailed it and got the job.
As many of my followers would know, I am a fashion student planning to own his own line, Michael Jaccarino. Think of it as the next Calvin Klein or Tom Ford.

While the position is an unpaid intern at a very known fashion house in NYC, the real benefit will be to help me launch my own label successfully. Meeting many contacts will be inevitable and I want them to all have the words Michael Jaccarino on their lips.

It has been over 3 years since I was last on a job interview and I was a little nervous. Especially with everything at stake. But I walked out of there knowing I left them wanting more of me. They were hanging on my words, listening to what I had to say when responding to their questions.

I don’t think I will be waiting too long to hear from them, but I don’t want to sound cocky either.

I know my fans and followers are in my corner, and I love you all!

Once I know more I will post the news.

What do I do when nobody understands my style?

I guess you can say I have a unique style, I won’t be painted into a corner with regards to what I will wear. I mean, why would I follow the Dos and Don’t posts or Hottest Looks of the Season articles that tell us how we should dress. Do I really want to look like every other subscriber to the blog? It could make for an awkward afternoon if we all met at the same cafe.

As a budding fashion designer, I understand how important it is to have a sense of identity, even if it means to be inclusive in a trend. There is nothing wrong with how fashion bloggers comment on trends or fashion, in fact I think this is an important aspect of the fashion trade. Fashion designers follow what bloggers say, and bloggers dictate the latest trends through their posts. The entire fashion trade has been turned onto its head.

I realize it is super hard to get into the fashion business and I suspect my fashion brand (Michael Jaccarino) will never be as big as Calvin, Tommy, or Michael but that isnt reason for me to back down. Its more of a reason for me to get up and fight! The House of Michael Jaccarino will become something great one day. I know that, and my teachers recognize my desire to win.



Michael Jaccarino


ZARA scores big this FW2013. I love their darks and complimentary greens and blues.

Style Me Manly

Another Monday folks, and another opportunity to tell you of some great finds…

Let’s start, once again, with the amazing selection at ZARA Man and their assortment of Coats for the cold days,

I love all things Military… military uniforms, military boots, military men… so here’s a nice Military style trench coat that is really a hot item.






One of my favorite new little online stores, Big Cartel, has these awesome little Skull bowties available to purchase online.

bowtie - 6.99


PRICE : $6.99     Available HERE



These incredibly sexy Denim, tapered leg suit pants have an awesome cut and look great.  And we all know that Guess are some of the best fitting jeans you can find!


denim tapered leg


PRICE : $148.00  and available HERE




Another great online store find, is…

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