Nailed my Job Interview!

I just came back from a really positive job interview, and Im pretty sure I nailed it and got the job.
As many of my followers would know, I am a fashion student planning to own his own line, Michael Jaccarino. Think of it as the next Calvin Klein or Tom Ford.

While the position is an unpaid intern at a very known fashion house in NYC, the real benefit will be to help me launch my own label successfully. Meeting many contacts will be inevitable and I want them to all have the words Michael Jaccarino on their lips.

It has been over 3 years since I was last on a job interview and I was a little nervous. Especially with everything at stake. But I walked out of there knowing I left them wanting more of me. They were hanging on my words, listening to what I had to say when responding to their questions.

I don’t think I will be waiting too long to hear from them, but I don’t want to sound cocky either.

I know my fans and followers are in my corner, and I love you all!

Once I know more I will post the news.


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